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Bone fracture


The bones in the lower leg comprise the shin bone (tibia) and the calf bone (fibula).

  1. Tibia

  2. Fibula


Cause: Violent loads in the form of a blow or twist can cause a fracture on the shin-bone as well as the calf bone (article). Fracture of the fibula is often seen after a kick on the outer side of the shin bone.

Symptoms: Pain upon applying pressure (direct and indirect tenderness) and when under load (walking and running).

Acute treatment: Click here.

Examination: X-ray.

Treatment: The treatment comprises relief and bandaging. In some cases surgery is necessary depending on the type of fracture and any displacement of the fracture-surfaces (article).

Rehabilitation of children and adolescents: Which loads and rehabilitation that can be permitted is completely dependent upon the severity and the treatment of the fracture. It is therefore important that the rehabilitation is performed in close cooperation with the doctors controlling the treatment. Approximately six months' rehabilitation must be expected before shin bone fractures allow resumption of maximum load, and approximately 3 months' rehabilitation before calf bone fractures allow maximum load.

Plastic bandage: Individual plastic bandages can be manufactured for use during sports activity after bone fractures. Individual plastic bandages are particularly well-suited after a fracture of the fibula.

Complications: If progress is not smooth you should be medically re-examined to ensure that the fracture is healing according to plan. In some cases a false joint can be formed (pseudoarthrosis) (article), requiring surgical treatment.
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