Child-SportNetDoc is an advanced, updated, electronic text book for examination, treatment and training of adolescents and children with sports injuries. Child-SportNetDoc provides the opportunity to download relevant rehabilitation programs.

The objective of  Child-SportNetDoc is primarily to provide the sportsmen, their parents and trainers, as well as sports-medicine practitioners, with the possibility of obtaining a swift, up-to-date overview of a specific injury with diagnostic examinations, differential diagnoses, treatment and training exercises, as well as résumés of sports-medicine literature. It is hoped that Child-SportNetDoc will help adults who are involved with young sportsmen to acknowledge that the youngsters are not “small adults” and therefore should not be treated as such in training or in connection with sports injuries.

It is furthermore hoped that by using Child-SportNetDoc the athlete will be able to resume sports activity more quickly after an injury with fewer complications.

Child-SportNetDoc will naturally never be able to replace a sports-medicinal evaluation and treatment, with preparation of an individual rehabilitation program.

Child-SportNetDoc will be updated concurrently with the development of sports-medicine.

Ulrich Fredberg
Consultant, specialist in Rheumatology
Stadium Clinic, Atletion,
House of Sport West, Aarhus, Denmark