Traumatic subluxation/dislocation of the peroneal tendons.

Brage ME, Hansen ST Jr. Foot Ankle 1992 Sep;13(7):423-31.

Traumatic subluxation/dislocation of the peroneal tendons has been reported following a variety of sports-related activities. The peroneal musculature contracts reflexively during the injury and overcomes the restraining soft tissue. The tendons can then dislocate anteriorly from behind the distal fibula. Some patients have anatomical variations of the posterolateral ankle that predispose them to injury. If the physician is unaware of the injury, the diagnosis may be missed in the acute setting and can develop into a chronic, disabling condition. Treatment of the acute injury is controversial because advocates exist for both conservative and surgical therapies. The chronic, painful lesion should be treated operatively. A tremendous number of surgical procedures have been described for the treatment of chronic tendon dislocations. Choice of a surgical procedure depends upon the anatomy of the peroneal groove and the retinaculum, and the nature of the damage to the area.