Sports and physical load bearing capacity after spondylodesis in patients with Scheuermann kyphosis.

Daentzer D, Schloz M, von Strempel A. Sportverletz Sportschaden 1999 Mar;13(1):22-9

In this investigation it was examined which is the effect of an extensive spondylodesis by patients with Scheuermann’s kyphosis on their sport activity and their physical load capacity. Between 1983 and 1990, 10 patients with severe kyphosis secondary to Scheuermann’s disease underwent surgical correction and spinal fusion. In 1997 all 10 patients were clinically and radiologically examined and interviewed at an average follow-up of 9.6 years. At the time of follow-up one patient was active in top sports, seven patients in normal sport, two patients were members in a sports-club and one patient was not interested in sport. Eight patients went in for sports regulary. Mostly the patients were active in gymnastics, cycling and swimming. At follow-up almost all patients found that their physical load capacity and the behaviour in relation to back pain were better than before operation. Half of the patients were exposed to a middle physical load in the daily life. The presented study shows that patients after extensive spondylodesis for Scheuermann’s kyphosis and clear reduction of pain are not automatically limited in the daily life, both for sport and professional activity. However, generalized recommendations for the physical load capacity of the operated patient cannot be given, and an individualized decision must be taken for each case.