Complications in 283 cruciate ligament replacement operations with free patellar tendon transplantation. Modification by surgical technique and surgery timing.

Passler JM, Schippinger G, Schweighofer F, Fellinger M, Seibert FJ. Unfallchirurgie 1995 Oct;21(5):240-6.

In our retrospective study we reviewed 283 patients who were operated on between 1984 and 1993 after an ACL-rupture. We used a free patellar tendon bone graft in all patients. The aim was to assess the complications such as infections, thrombosis, limitation of movement and graft failures. We also looked on the timing of operation and the technique. We saw an overall complication rate of 21.6%. The most common complication was a restricted range of motion in 10.9% which required surgery. In patients treated immediately after injury (within 7 days) we found an arthrofibrosis rate of 17.6%. In delayed surgery (more than 4 weeks after injury) this complication was only seen in 6.1%. The rate of infection was 4.6%, the rate of thrombosis 1.8% and in 4,2% we had to accept an ongoing instability. With these findings we now evaluate the needs and the social environment even more closely to find the best treatment protocol for each individual. In conclusion we favour secondary ACL-reconstruction.