Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy for chronic heel pain.

O’Malley MJ, Page A, Cook R. Foot Ankle Int 2000 Jun;21(6):505-10.

The purpose of our study was to determine whether endoscopic plantar fasciotomy is a safe and effective operation in this patient population. We reviewed our surgical results following endoscopic plantar fasciotomy in sixteen patients (twenty feet) with an average preoperative duration of symptoms of four years. Of the 20 feet, 9 had complete relief of pain while symptoms were improved in nine feet. One patient with bilateral symptoms had no relief in either foot. The average AOFAS hindfoot score improved from 62 to 80, a statistically significant difference. Unilateral patients did better than bilateral with no bilateral patients reporting complete resolution of symptoms. There were no iatrogenic nerve injuries. On the basis of our review, we recommend endoscopic plantar fasciotomy as an alternative to open plantar fascial release for those patients with recalcitrant heel pain.