Kategoriarkiv: Rupture of the ligament between shin and calf bone



Deltoid and syndesmosis ligament injury of the ankle without fracture.

Miller CD, Shelton WR, Barrett GR, Savoie FH, Dukes AD. Am J Sports Med 1995 Nov-Dec;23(6):746-50.

Ankle diastasis without fracture is a rare injury with few examples reported. We report on four male patients, aged 16 to 18 years, who sustained this injury playing football. Swelling and tenderness over both the deltoid and syndesmosis ligaments are the most common physical findings. Plain ankle radiographs demonstrated lateral talus subluxation in three patients, and a stress radiograph demonstrated subluxation of the talus in one patient. Treatment consisted of reduction and fixation of the syndesmosis with a screw followed by 6 weeks of cast immobilization. Using the scale developed by Edwards and DeLee, three patients had excellent results and one had a good result. Diagnosis of tears of the deltoid and syndesmosis ligaments without fracture requires a high index of suspicion on the physician’s part. In patients whose mortise is more than 1 mm subluxated, reduction and screw fixation will produce good results.