The treatment primarily comprises relief. This “treatment” is quite sufficient on most children, and the sports activity can be cautiously resumed when the pain has diminished. The period of relief is usually quite short if the relief treatment is started soon after the onset of the symptoms. The following training program can be used by larger children and teenagers.
Unlimited: Cycling. Swimming. Running.

(10 min)

Sit at a table with the injured arm hanging over the edge with the palm facing downwards. Use the other arm to apply pressure on the back of the injured hand so that the injured lower arm becomes increasingly stretched on the upper side. Repeat the exercise where the injured hand is alternately pressed from side to side. The injured arm should finally be turned over and the exercise repeated by pressing the underside of the hand so that the injured lower arm becomes increasingly stretched on the under side. The stretching positions should be held for 20 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest before repeating.

Sit on a table holding your arms in to your body. Turn your hands so that the fingers face backwards and thumbs to the side. Your arms should be outstretched. Slowly lean your upper body backwards so that your forearms become increasingly stretched. Hold the position for 20 seconds and relax for 20 seconds before repeating.

(10 min)

Using an elastic band around the back of the injured hand, move the wrist upwards while keeping the elastic taut.

Sit at a table with the side of the injured hand resting on the table edge. Place the elastic around the thumb, draw it downwards over the back of the hand and hold with the good hand. Slowly rotate the lower arm from side to side to stretch the elastic.

Let the injured hand hang over the edge of a table with the palm facing downwards. Move the hand slowly up and down while holding a weight. Support the injured arm with the good arm.

Lie on your back with support at the elbow. Slowly bend and stretch the elbow while holding a weight.

Squeeze a soft ball.

Put an elastic band around your fingers. Spread your fingers so that the elastic is stretched.

Stretching is carried out in the following way: stretch the muscle group for 3-5 seconds. Relax for 3-5 seconds. The muscle group should subsequently be stretched for 20 seconds. The muscle is allowed to be tender, but must not hurt. Relax for 20 seconds, after which the procedure can be repeated.

The time consumed for stretching, coordination and strength training can be altered depending on the training opportunities available and individual requirements.