Iliopsoas bursa imaging: efficacy in depicting abnormal iliopsoas tendon motionin patients with internal snapping hip syndrome.

Vaccaro JP, Sauser DD, Beals RK. Radiology 1995 Dec;197(3):853-6.

To evaluate the efficacy of both iliopsoas bursa imaging and therapeutic injections for determination of the cause of pain in patients with internal snapping hip syndrome.

Twelve patients underwent iliopsoas bursa imaging. One patient underwent the procedure bilaterally and five underwent repeated studies for a total of 21 studies. Eight patients also received therapeutic injections after bursa imaging.

Abnormal motion of the iliopsoas musculotendinous unit that occurred synchronously with the snap was revealed in 15 of the 21 studies. Four studies revealed additional information that contributed to symptoms. Eight patients received therapeutic injections with relief of symptoms that ranged from 2 weeks to 2 years.

Iliopsoas bursa imaging is a simple, rapid, and reproducible method with which abnormal iliopsoas tendon motion can be documented in patients with internal snapping hip syndrome and is also useful for diagnosis of other causes of atypical hip pain. Therapeutic injection into the iliopsoas bursa may delay or obviate surgery.