Tarsal tunnel syndrome: ultrasonographic and MRI features.

Machiels F, Shahabpour M, De Maeseneer M, Schmedding E, Wylock P, Osteaux M. JBR-BTR 1999 Apr;82(2):49-50.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a well-known but rare entrapment neuropathy involving the posterior tibial nerve in the tarsal tunnel, a fibro-osseous channel extending from the medial aspect of the ankle to the midfoot. Posttraumatic fibrosis, ganglion cyst, tenosynovitis, tumor of the nerves or other structures, dilated or tortuous veins can cause significant nerve compression in this anatomic region. Herein, we present the typical ultrasonographic and magnetic resonance features of this disorder in patient with a ganglion cyst.